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Tumbling over the past year and a half has made me see the problems of gender roles that exist in media, but sometimes it gets to the point where I over analyze every single piece of television or film that I come across. (However this in no way means that I think feminist media criticism is wrong, or should be avoided!) Mostly I just over think everything.

I’ve thought about this a lot and I think the answer is MORE, and MORE DIVERSE female characters.

We’re used to having one or two female characters in a cast of mostly men, and hold them to a higher standard because of that. So all of feminism is resting on the shoulders of one female character - and that DOESN’T WORK. Because there isn’t one right way to be a woman.

If casts had more diversity of gender, we could have warrior women and non-warrior women, sexual women and non-sexual women, feminine and non-feminine, and mixtures of all of the above…all are completely legitimate ways to be a woman.

We’re used to seeing a lot of hypersexualized, scantily clad, one-dimensional stereotypes of women without stories or motives of their own. We respond by asking for characters that AREN’T THAT, but we may end up pushing too far in the opposite direction, and demonize traits like sexuality, conventional attractiveness, and traditional femininity as “sexist.” That’s why the most popular female characters are the ones that are most similar to male heroes - the Arya Starks - emotionally distant, unattached, solve their problems with violence, not remotely sexual. That’s fine too of course. I love Arya. It’s just not…the only way to be.

I look back at a bunch of my internalized misogyny and realize that a lot of my disliking of a female character was because I was putting all my expectations on her. Of course, we’re still allowed to dislike certain tropes and characters, but I feel questioning why is always valid.

Really, we need MORE and BETTER of everything. Show me the adorable feminine woman who can kick ass if needed. Show me the masculine coded woman beside her that is saved by her. Have characters in ensemble casts not be stuck with the title ‘The Woman’ because there are multiple.

Many movies don’t pass the Bechdel test because there aren’t even more than one named female character. Hell, in children’s media non-human characters are more common than female ones. At the core of discussion of female characters, this is what needs to change.


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I've seen your latest posts, I'm white, and I want to cosplay a poc character I really like what should I do? Obviously I don't have the money or make up skills to match said character's skin & features so my "amateur" make up would understandably be seen as offensive, but if I "stay" white I'll be whitewashing the character. I don't know what to do. Should I drop the idea of cosplaying that character and settling for white characters only? I don't mean to be rude I'm asking you seriously :/





Don’t cosplay the character. 

Blackface is always offensive, regardless of whether it is done well or done poorly. Whitewashing is also always offensive. 

Before you say that this is harsh, read this post about raisins (please please please read it, it’s really good) and consider how lucky you are that there are already so many white characters out there that you could cosplay. The world of fiction is absolutely FULL of interesting well written white characters, you just wouldn’t believe how big a majority they are in the world of fiction. You have SO MANY CHOICES of characters you could cosplay witout using blackface or whitewashing. SO MANY. Cosplay them. Don’t cosplay the poc character. 

I’m not sure I agree with this. I’m of the opinion you can cosplay whoever you want as long as you respect the character and understand that you may catch some flack for doing so and understand where that would be coming from. This feels like one of those appropriation vs appreciation discussion. 

The problem, though, is blackface has a looot of history to it, and is deeply rooted in colonialism and racism. As is whitewashing.

I’m all for people cosplaying what they want, but they should also realize that people WILL be offended no matter what they do, and for valid reason.

Exactly. If you do offensive things to cosplay (blackface and whitewashing ARE offensive, whatever way you turn this), you’re prioritizing your fun over POC’s ability to appreciate a fandom without being constantly confronted with hugely offensive shit. So I’m gonna go ahead and call you a big racist. Repeatedly. Possibly while pointing at you and holding a sign ‘look at the big racist’. 

Um. Alwayszebras is Asian and also not from America. She just prioritizes fun over being offended.

Which I can understand. Hell…if I decided to be offended at everyone cosplaying whitewashed Japanese characters then I would never have fun at American anime conventions.

All I said was because of history present in whitewashing and racism, people DO have a right to offended and that they should accept that as a consequence of cosplaying that character if they choose to do so. Some people, including POC, won’t care. Some will…in fact most might even care when it’s blackface.





so for some reason hershey’s thinks that golden apples would be great to sell as valentine’s candy


so i got one and wrote this on top:


and left it on a table in the studio


less than five minutes later people were fighting about it

my plan has thus far been a success

I love you

you do realize this is how the trojan war started right

this is definitely how the college au of the iliad starts

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