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holy shit there is a name for it

Well damn. Explains a lot.

Suddenly I understand some of my fan base a LOT better.  That is Awesome. 

"holy shit there is a name for it" was my reaction before I even scrolled down to the comments.

I just need to keep reblogging this because I cannot even begin to tell you how profound a feeling of YES and THIS and THERE IS A WORD FOR ME OMG I get every time I see this, and I hope it helps others too.

seriously, anytime you see a post with a comment saying “theres a name for it?!” reblog that post because even if it doesnt apply to you any of your followers could be waiting for that revelation.

yo how about we source this shitMy question is why is this a paraphilia when the only thing that distinguishes this type of sexual activity from a -sexual person watching porn and being aroused by it is the fact that asexuals don’t self-insert (well they actually do—badum tss). Seriously this just seems like a variation on normal attraction and does not at all warrant the concern and scrutiny attached to paraphilias. Especially since asexuality should not be treated like a mental illness and calling one of asexual people’s modes of sexual expression “atypical” when the only thing that’s “strange” about it is that they are asexual. This kind of thing can only stigmatize asexual identification.

The actual event is aptly described, but the categorization leaves a bad taste in my mouth,

(Source: asexualityresources)

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